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I want some trick room Pokemon and I want to see if I can. I also want to lower attacks on physical attackers. Is this possible?

EDIT: If there is a way, please suggest the sword and shield way. I only have those games.

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No. IVs cannot be manipulated in any way. They are set when you catch or hatch a Pokemon. In gen seven, you can use a bottle cap to make the game think a mon has a perfect iv in a certain stat even though it doesn't. This is the only way to manipulate ivs, if it even counts anyway. However, there is no way to raise or drop a mon's iv unless you're using something like pksm

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What's pksm
A program that directly alters a game's save file
Ah ok. Well I'm certainly not using that lol
There was a glitch when Home first released that altered incoming Pokémon’s IV’s, but to my knowledge has been patched.

When transferring Pokémon from Go or VC to Home or Bank respectively, new IVs are generated for each Pokémon, but only due to the games not having congruent IV systems to other main series games. :P
It's not even easy to get. You have to hack your 3ds to use pksm

Wait, did it actually alter? I thought it would just display wrong ivs?
The only thing you can do with IVs is to increase them using Bottle Caps on Hyper Training.
wym 3ds hacking is easy
Yeah if you know what you're doing. If you don't, press F