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Specifically in Pokemon sword and shield, there are some sites that list the raid dens that show if Pokemon with a hidden ability pop up and if they're even available to begin with. (Before Pokemon home transfer) So, catchable in the Galar region.

Trapinch seems to be available with it's hidden ability, but no dens have information of one spawning with it's hidden ability. Is it even possible too get?

Information seems to becomming more vague on most websites regarding the latest Pokemon game.

Alternatively, since Flygon does not have access to a hidden ability, do you think it's possible to just breed it?


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Trapinch can be found in a Pokémon Den in the Rolling fields in a Max Raid Battle. Pokémon found in Max Raid Battles have a chance of having their hidden ability, but I don't know exactly what your chances are.

Source: Serebi

Thanks for taking your time to answer, perhaps i haven't been clear enough.
Serebii states that trapinch with a hidden ability is legal, meaning it's supposed to be able to be obtained in a den.
However none of the den info on serebii actually shows trapinch shows up with it's hidden ability anywhere.

Im not asking for information im asking for confirmation. Is serebii wrong or is trapinch's hidden ability hidden elsewhere. Am i supposed to breed a den flygon perhaps ?

I'd like future answers to be either confirming or debunking if it is possible.
So far i have established that trapinch can only be encountered in the early game after defeating the first gym, as trapinch's 2 star equivalent only shows up then. I have not been able to get a hidden ability and im growing increasingly skeptical of serebii's information however i have yet to go to all of the dens.
Information on the Sword and Shield games is incomplete and/or vague in the extreme on most websites. I searched all over before finding what little I did. If it's an incomplete answer, I apologize.