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(but one or neither could be in It just wanna know so I can find it or them and catch it or them)

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Is this for competitive battle?
uh huh
What battle format are you playing? (For example: Battle Stadium Singles, VGC Series 6, Smogon OU, etc.) Is there a reason you are only considering Tauros and Bouffalant?

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Tarous for a long shot.
So first, it was wroth to mention that both of them are outclassed by other normal types such as Ditto, Blissy, Diggersby, etc..
But however Tarous won Boffalant by a lot of point.
1. Stat
Tarous stat was farther better than Boffalant's one due to it much better Speed stat, speed stat was very important seems it depends that you or the opponent go first, and also those slower ones might be KOed even thou they didnt attack, and the only Propity move Boffalant got was Quick attack which was not good due to the fact that Normal type moves are often weak and Quick attack only got 40 power.
Tarous' abilities:
Anger Point
Sheer Force (HA)
Boffalant's abilities:
Sap Sipper

Welp, Boffalant's abiity actually all sucks, all of them wasnt pretty viable in all formats, and Tarous'? Inmidate and Sheer Force are all fantastic ability and works good in a lot of format, one lowers opponent attack when switch in and one boost power frrom the moves that had their secondary effects. Well...nice.

These are the main point that why Tarous was better, hope it helps! :)

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Bouffalant's abilities aren't that bad. Reckless + Head Charge is a great combo, if you're for some reason playing in OU, Bouffalant can switch into Grassy Glide Rillaboom with Sap Sipper (even better a Wood Hammer + Choice Band variant), or in PU it can switch into Apple Acid. Soundproof protects it from Frosmoth's Bug Buzz in NU, and, again, if you are for some reason playing OU with a Bouffalant, it protects it from Primarina's Hyper Voice / Sparkling Aria as well as Toxtricity's Overdrive / Boomburst. In UU, it becomes immune to Sylveon's Hyper Voice.

So yeah.