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Why did they make them look close to other pokemon, ex: Alomomola and Luvdisc, Bouffalant and Tauros, if they don't evolve? It would just make sense if they did. Otherwise will they reveal that they do evolve into each other just by new terms?

This is really one of those 'Game Freak logic' questions (not that I'm judging, I myself have been known to ask this style of question), but I feel your pain. The better question is why isn't Tauros the male version of Miltank, much like Nidoqueen/Nidoking and Volbeat/Ilumise.

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I have to admit: keeping their evolution a secret would certainly be cool!

But when you look at their stats, it wouldn't make that much sense. Luvdisc goes from having good speed, to really good HP? Not really much of a connection.

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True about the stats, but what about electivire? he goes from good speed to good attack? Many pokemon get weaker stats in some areas to make stronger in others when they evlove. Also luzdisc is a rendevous pokemon and alomomola is a carring pokemon...pretty close to me...
Take a look at Luvdisc's and Alomomola's stats, then at Scyther and Scizor's. Scyther and Scizor is as dramatic s evolution stats get, and Luvdisc and Alomomola are still more drastic than them.

There's no way they'd be the same Pokemon, since they also have individual Egg moves and Egg Groups, so there's the proof.

EDIT: "Rendevous" is a French phrase for a meeting place...
I still think they just are alittle wasted. I like them but I want new new...it just looks like they did that on purpose...
if you trade a tauros holding the adamant orb it evolves into luvdisk
i saw thats normal
having more speed
upon evolving has more defence and less speed
There's a Game Theory that similar Pokemon from diffeent regions evolved to their region. For example,  in Kanto the local bird Pokemon Pidgey has a short beak. Kanto has few trees and flat land, so Pidgey evolved its short, stubby beak to dig up bugs to eat. In Hoenn, the bird Pokemon has giant wings, which were evolved to cross the vast oceans present in Hoenn. In Unova, the bird Pokemon Pidove has evolved to be cute so it would be fed by humans like city pidgeons. I don't remember everything but it is a pretty good explanation.
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Here's my theory:

Unova is a comppletely isolated region that has no pokemons from previous generations they had to make some that would substitute them.

At least thats my theory.

I don't know...if you look at them overall they just seemed to be there just so they could have more than the first generation. they seemed alittle...wasted...
yes it is mentioned several times in both the games and the anime that unova is really isolated from the other regions, which would actually make sense. It could be that luvdisc/alomamola and tauros/bouffalant have a common ancestor so look alike. However, their evolutions took a different path (im talking Darwinian evolution here) due to the respective regions having different geography and climate.
Look, goujonator, you really need to stop necroposting this was made in 2011.
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Well, a theory is - history always repetes itself- pokemon is no exeption, new pokemon, some that are similar to others & some not. Think about it- gardevoir & Gothitelle( & evos) are similar, seismitoad (& evos) with polliwag(& evos) are similar, whismicott/lilygant & bellossom/vile plume(I wouldn't be surprised if there was a baby form for those two). Some that arnt are like- Reuniclus, basculin, & the simis. The Unova is like a refurbished version of the other versions combined.

Just a theory...

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Well here is what I say it is the same thing as one of the things I say to disprove evolution in the real world. Just because two or more creatures share some resemblance does not mean they are the same creature. Take the supposed Horse evolutions in the real world they never evolved into the horse as they were found in differant parts of the earth, all have differant amounts of ribs, and in the wrong strata. So I it is like that 2 differant pokemon that look similar, with differant powers, in differant regions.

Please note that I am not trying to shove my creationist beliefs in your face I am just useing it to answer a question

The evolution theory is not based on morphological resemblance but on genetic resemblance...
The phenotype is a product of selective gene translation...
Right that makes total sense(I mean not)speed freak
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I don't really know. They had a real big chance to make two evolutions, and maybe forgot about Tauros and Luvdisc and how they looked so similar. Perhaps they wanted more individual Pokémon, with no evolution line. Another thing is, it's Gen V. Gen V added the most Pokémon out of all of the generations, and may as well not make as much sense as other Pokémon.

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