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their stat total is equal so . . .


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How about Tauros? Great attack and speed which forms a great sweeper
Giga Impact: Complements Tauros's attack stat. Deals a huge amount of damage with STAB.

Swagger: Confuses the foe, making it less likely for the foe to attack Tauros after using Giga Impact.

Zen Headbutt: Good damage, decent accuracy, decent chance of making the foe flinch, used to deal with Fighting types.

Earthquake: GOOD power

Note:you may want to train tauros in defense EVs since swagger raises attack

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If I were you, I'd go with Tauros. It has higher speed than Bouffalant. If you want a moveset for Tauros then here it is:
Nature: Adamant
IV: +Attack or +Speed
Item: Expert Belt
Zen Headbutt - Coverage, chance for flinching, Defense over Psychic - Types
Giga Impact - STAB, last chance for attacking move
Earthquake - Coverage, quite powerful and accurate
Rock Slide - Coverage, chance of flinching
Hope I helped.

how is earthquake and Rock slide coverage?
Earthquake and rock slide are coverage as it covers many types super effectively as well as hits most Pokemon neutral.
Also why have 31ivs in 1 stat why not all ;)
Don't use swagger use rock slide it's better, and do use giga impact, never use recharge moves, use return.