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Both of these are pokemon who can learn outrage, that are normal types, but which one would fit better into this team?


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As Top user Trachy can tell you tauros is the best becuase of outrage and intimidate. He claims that he destroys Ubers with his

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Gotta give it to you speed freak, you can be annoying sometimes, ( and everyone on earth knows I can be annoying too ) but 99% of the time, you ARE right.
I thought DarkTyphlosion was top user
I mean he is a top user like dt, swampert, pokemaster, will, darth, and I
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I would definitely suggest Kangaskan because all it's stats are leveled out, so it's kinda like an all around pokemon. Another reason is because it can learn a lot of moves that could fill in those gaps on your team, like grass.

Hope this helped :)

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Go for tauros because you don't need any specific types and tauros has high power and speed so you could teach it moves like GIGA impact so that enev after taking damage it is capable of KOing the opponent.

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