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I want a good normal type for my team, please add pros, cons, and a verdict. Thanks!

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ok time to answer your next question


Is Amazing with tailwind support
Sheer force+Crush claw combo can and will sweep
Brave bird is extremely powerful when used by braviary
Superpower and thrash are powerful moves
great with a bulk up strategy

Not very good defenses
Needs tailwind to sweep
Needs a focus sash unless your running bulk up
Must be male


Learns VERY powerful moves like Thrash, Head charge, Skull Bash, Earthquake, Outrage and Megahorn
Great ability's to suit it's use exept soundproof
Can be a great switch in for the water ground types
Only one weekness

Very slow and will be KO'ed by a fighting type like lucario
Most of it's good moves have downsides that could cost Bouffalant the game
Is nothing compared to Bravairy

Choose Bravairy, I once was having the same argument about the two and I made the right choice. Bouffalant is just to slow

But if your looking for a good normal type might I suggest Porygon-Z? It has one powerful adaptability hyper beam with a normal gem

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Your welcome monkeyman!