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Wow, it feels like ages since I've been here!
How's everyone doing?
Lately I've been really busy with work and under a lot of pressure, so to cool off I decided to complete a drawing/ painting per day so to re-establish by abilities and have something nice for myself and, eventually, my kids.

While I was looking for inspirations on the styles I stumbled upon this.

Now, to cut my story short, this interpretations made me a bit nostalgic to the point which I might restart my adventures picking up a Pidgeot but, as usual, there need to be complications.
I also really like the strong, menacing design of Braviary and if I recall correctly, he wasn't too shabby a fighter either.
(Talonflame is pretty good too, I guess. Kinda gives the impression of a replacement for 'zard with the typing and the stats)

To conclude, here's the question:
• Design aside, since that's completely opinions, for a team and as a standalone,
which one is the best?

How much does Pidgeot's Mega Evolution weight in his favor? Is it really that good or it's just fanservice?
Which one, ultimately, would be the better choice, considering that I might want to save the mega evolution's turn for someone else?

Let me know Database!

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Damn Flaf, where is the love?  ಥ_ಥ
all right, I shouldn't answer because I'm biased to Pidgeot, but I'd just like to point out that talonflame is better than either, but if you want something like mega Char X, keep 'Zard.  For ingame teams it doesn't matter, but in competitive you will want only one Flying Type, typically.

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Pigdeot is a flying type and most of the moves it learns are special attacks though it's mega form raises its speed and special attack
Braviary has a good amount of hp and attack and his speed is decent but the special defense is poor

even though mega pidgeot has the better base stats, I honestly believe Braviary is the better choice to go with