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A pretty powerful sweeper with the right moves and good EVs or an okay wall with above average defenses and good health? Which one should I pick?


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Well, it really depends what you're looking for.


Braviary packs an excellent base Attack stat of 123, as well as a great base HP stat of 100. However, he is held back by his mediocre base Speed stat of 80, and his defensive stats of 75 aren't ideal either. Braviary's movepool is lacking, and not having roost really hurst, especially when you're weak to SR.


It has a good defensive typing, which allows it to resist many common attacking types, and when combined with great defenses and a good movepool, it means Mandibuzz is a viable mixed wall. Its movepool includes good options like Roost and Toxic, and Overcoat makes it immune to weather damage. Rapid Spin support is mandatory for Mandibuzz because of it's sad weakness to SR.


If you're going for in-game go for Braviary. He also works well with choice scarf too. Mandibuzz is really not recomended for In-game though is a whole lot better at what it does than Braviary competitively.