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I just want to know because both pokemon are the same level 100 but their type is the same so i need to know which you guys think is better.


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Honestly, Mandibuzz is more defense-orientated, and Honchkrow is more attacking orientated.

@ Lum Berry (This Vulture hates getting Status'd)
Overcoat Ability (for damaging weather)
Big Pecks Ability (helpful in preventing crit. hits)
Careful Nature
invest EVs into Defenses
-Knock Off
-Brave Bird

@ Life Orb
Naughty Nature

Ability: Insomnia
-Sucker Punch
-Heat Wave
- Brave Bird

Adamant Nature
@ Muscle Band

Ability: Moxie
-Sucker Punch
-Brave Bird

Honchkrow Would also be a Prime candidate for Choice Scarf; Rack up some serious attack stats with each Brave Bird KO! Use ability Insomnia

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My suggestion is neither of them are better. The best way to judge YOURSELF is to follow these simple steps:

  1. First buy 4 Carbos, Iron, Protein, HP Up and so on... (If you have enough money)
  2. Put both Honchcrow and Mandibuzz in your party.
  3. Check their stats in their summary.
  4. The Pokemon that has higher stats, check the moves that it can learn by TM, Lv. Up and maybe HM on Pokemon Database. (Eg: Combination moves such as Swagger and Haze can be good because when you use Swagger your opponent's Attack stat rises and then becomes confused but when you use Haze, the stat boost is removed but your opponent is still confused!)
  5. When that's done, teach it the good moves you checked (If possible) and use the items listed on STEP 1 to give it a boost!
  6. Ta-da! The perfect Pokemon for you!

Report back when you finished. Bye!

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I personally like Honchkrow better. Mandibuzz requires A LOT of work to EV train with atk/sp.atk, and doesn't have moves that appeal to me (but that's just me).
But you should see for yourself, like what Megajed said, figure out what works for you.

Well Mandibuzz is designed to be a wall so you don't have to EV train.
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it depends also are they ev trained right natures
i personaly would go for honchkrow because of its high attack
Honchkrow base stats hp100 atk125 def52 spatk105 spdef52 speed 71
Mandibuzz base stats hp110 atk65 def10f spatk55 spdef95 speed80
as you can see honchkrow is more attackive where as mandibuzz has terrible atk and decent def
so honchkrow would be good choice for a sweeper but you may need speed evs
naughty life orb
252 speed 252atk 4hp
super luck
night slash
brave bird
super power
sucker punch
this is a physical movest with 252 evs in atk and speed and attackive nature along with a life orb boosting its attack by 1.3 it is very powerfull

Mandibuzz movest im not going to bother with one they are rarely used (ru) and have terrible offences but not the best choice so i personaly would go with honchkrow
Though does make a good wall in ru

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Mandibuzz is an exellent RU and even UU Wall. Battling doesn't equal OU.