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Nuff said.

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It does depend on which set you're running. I assume the standard MoxieKrow w/ Life Orb. I advise Brave Bird, as the immediate power allows you to grab Moxie boosts easier, but using it REQUIRES that you run Roost, as this set will die very quickly otherwise. So all in all, I think Brave Bird's the better choice.

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I'm running LO so I'm picking this set. Super power sucker punch bb and roost
Exactamente. Thanks!
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Well, when you get down to it you have two choices:1 go for 100 accuracy and 120 power,but with recoil 2 you could go 80 power and 100 percent accuracy. If your playing in-game go brave bird because your less likely to face stealth rock and other entry hazards. If you're playing competitively than go drill peck because you won't have to worry about getting killed by recoil or more damage moves because of entry hazards and recoil.

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Brave Bird
180 power with stab with Honchs attack really hurts. especially if he gets a moxie boost. But the recoil can be an issue. and with speed being rather slow he could kill himself rather quickly. I recommend using BB only when not using a Choice item so you have the oppurtunity to roost.
If you want to run a choice item BB is still a good choice but I would go with Drill peck so you can live a bit longer

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