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Ok, I can check the stats, but what about evs and Ivs?
Are they the same?


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You can find your Pokemon's EVs by going to any Pokemon's summary screen, going to the stats section, and pressing X. A second chart showing your Pokemons EVs will pop up behind the chart showing stats, showing how many EVs the Pokemon has in any given stat. If its yellow, you can still gain more, but if its blue, its maxed out.

IVs are a bit harder to find, but you can still unearth them after you have beaten Leon in the Battle Tower in the postgame. Upon doing so, you will unlock the IV Judge function in your PC. From there, simply go to any given box and press the plus button on your switch. It won't tell you in numbers what any Pokemons IVs are, but will simply give descriptive terms; a chart showing what word it gives corresponds to approximately how many IVs a Pokemon has can be found here.

As for if they're the same, not really. The in-depth analysis for what each of them is would be too lengthy to elaborate into here, but basically, think of EVs as the training an athlete might do, while IVs are more like natural ability that an athlete might be born with. If you want to know more on these though, check here. Hope this helped!

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