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for example hydreigon.how can we get to 383 of it's special attack?

my zoroarks special attack is 341 and i gave it power lens too.but in your site it is writen for the highest special attack of zoroark,372!
how can i reach that?

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By Ev training it .
For every 4 ev points you get your stat boosted by 1 .
372 for a zoroark is with the best nature ( That boosts sp. attack ) -


The max evs that a pokemon can get is 510 and for one specific stat its 252 , so if a stat other than the desired one , of zoroark is maxed you could use EV reducing berries on that so that zoroark can gain max sp. attack .
For maxing Sp.attack fight pokemon that yield sp.attack evs - http://pokemondb.net/ev

Also Iv's play a role .
Iv's are chosen RRANDOMLY so read the dialogue that indicate that your pokemons sp.sttack is boosted .

Iv Mechanics