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252Atk 252SpA 4Spe
Its an odd spread but I like odd things so yeah. I don't think any Pokemon would be able to use this competitively
but if they can please let me know


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No I don't think so.
But a Pokémon can run a similar spread:
252atk, 252 s.atk ,4def/s.def/hp
This is to be used in trick room. I once used it on primal groudon in gen 7 ubers.
Hope I helped!

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thank you
No problem
Usually it is best to run 252 Speed and then split the EVs based on what moves/targets you expect to hurt more.  This can range from 252/4 to even 128/128 if you so desire.  Usually it is the first one or very close to it, but I've seen some sets where they've gone that far.