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i have shuckle, who i will teach power trick or the one which swaps attack and defence. i ev train it in attack and speed and a bit of defence. plese if yes to that, suggest the ev spead for it. then after using the swapping move, shuckles defences wont be bad will they?

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Either way, when u use power trick no matter of your ev you'll get koed unless you use focus sash. Here's what happens
Shuckle used power trick
Pokemon x used any move that does damage
Shuckle fainted because of its loser defence after power trick.
Shuckle used power trick
Pokemon x used a move
Shuckle held on with it's focus sash
Shuckle used rock slide
Pokemon x used a move
Shuckle fainted.

It's even worst if you go last.

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By power trick I mean guard swap.
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if you plan on using power-trick there is no use to ev shuckle in attack because shuckles attack is very poor anyway.
this means you should foucus on HP and defences so try : 252 HP , 128 defence , 128 SP defence.
another trick you could try is : insted of using power trick and switching the awesome defence stat with tha lame attack stat use power split that way you will weaken your foe and get a higher attack stat without having poor defence and to get your foe even weaker go with a bold nature (+defence, -attack)

also if you want some more interesting shuckle moveset tips and ev spreads go here : http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/4964/what-is-a-good-moveset-for-shuckle

hope this helps :)

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