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If you have a good competitive moveset for Shuckle, post an answer below and upvote the best ones. Movesets for any of its pre-evolutions can also be shared on this thread.

Be sure to include full set details in your post, e.g. items, abilties, natures and EVs. Some detail, including the intended game mode for your set, is also appreciated. Access the full list of guidelines here.

Shuckle Pokédex and learnset for reference.


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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Icant think of a better moveset for Shuckle!
Yeah, I can't wait for this guy to get to level 100 so I don't have to use it anymore. I was thinking Power Trick, but then it would have low defensive stats.
In double battles you can use trick room to your advantage, and actually sweep with shuckle! Plus maybe you can give him a focus sash for defending against moves like bullet punch from scizor!
Shuckle (M) @ Leftovers
Trait: Sturdy
EVs: 80 HP / 252 Def / 176 SDef
Bold Nature (+Def, -Atk)
- Power Share
- Toxic
- Sandstorm
- Mud-Slap
Im the best of the best when it comes to move sets for shuckle you want:

Toxic: inflicts damage every turn
Protect: to stall when poisened
Sandstorm: to deal more damag each turn
stonde edeg/rockslide: in case you need to clean up with shuckle

WHatever you do dont teach it power swap! its terrible! it may switch its attack and defense and give huge attack but shuckle is one of the slowest pokemon of them all!
so it will just about always attack last.
How aboot this. Power trick power split guard split and gyro ball. Lead with a pokemon that knows baton pass and use moves that up attack and defense pass those to shuckle then use power split then power trick and depending on the pokemon guard split then just spam gyro ball to sweep team, you're welcome
I would stick Power Split or Power Share whatever to troll some Charizard X or Mewtwo or  Gyarados or something like that. Shuckle can do Defense Curl Rollout combo which combined with Power Split means that is one nasty Rollout. Add Rest and Shuckle will destroy everything! OR you could do a Contrary Shell Smash then Power Split rendering sweepers even MORE useless while making Shuckle beyond defensive! OR you could run a Trick Room Shuckle with Power Trick which will turn Shuckle into the ABSOULUTE SWEEPIEST SWEEPER OF ALL TIME!!! AND he has Infestation plus Toxic. Shuckle should be Uber. The peeps at Smogon must've forgoten about Shuckle.

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You are in luck, my friend! I've trained over two-dozen Shuckle over the past 10 years, and I may say that I am the Shuckle MASTER.

Swagger, swagger, swagger, that's all I can say. Shuckle has a monstrous Base 230 Defense Stat, so don't even be scared of maxing Swagger. The opponent will just beat itself senseless, if you're lucky.

Bide it up, Bro. When paired with a Swagger, the opponent will do a fair amount of damage to you. You'll take about 40 HP damage every Bide, and 80 HP damage isn't too bad for a Shuckle!

Rest. Shuckle has the immense survivability to take hits, even when he's sleeping, so Rest, in this case, is "reliable recovery."

Now you choose either Earthquake, Stone Edge, or Gyro Ball. All three are great attacks, but you can only choose one.

One tip for this cutesy turtle: DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO POWER TRICK. It sounds sweet, but what you really get is the most power physical sweeper in the game, with the lowest HP and Speed in the game. Do NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, EVER use Power Trick. Sorry for the caps. I wanted to make sure you understood. :P

This is my advice, and is a collection of my 10 years of training these little guys. I have a Lv. 88 Shuckle sitting on my Gamecube in Pokemon XD, and I took out the Shadow Dragonite with it by accident, back when it was only Lv. 59. Yeah. Shuckle's that awesome. :D

I believe bide to be a bad choice as one they can choose to not attack you making your bide worthless. I could instead use your bide to gain buffs.
for item, i think Leftovers would be good
hello shuckle, can learn
sleep talk(use random move when asleep or rest)
secret power, hidden power
sludge bomb or earthquake
This is mildly good, take out swagger for sandstorm maybe?
Jeez, shuckle is a god.
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Shuckle @ Leftovers

Trait: Contrary
EVs: 252 HP / 228 Def / 28 SDef
Careful Nature (+SDef, -SAtk)

  • Shell Smash
  • Toxic
  • Rest
  • Stealth Rock / Power Split

Another stall set.
Shell Smash with Contrary gives insane Defense stats.
Rest heals HP if HP gets too low.
Stealth Rock sets up hazards. Power Split gives the opponent lower offensive stats. Actually, since Contrary Shell Smash lowers Atk and SAtk, your opponent will not be happy.

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Ouch. Fear Shuckle O.O
BEWARE: Taunt Kills.
Not bad, but for me, I loathe Taunt users, so I have attacking set ups.  Instead of Rest and Stealth Rock/Power Split, I have Smack Down and Sand Tomb, so that it can deal additional damage, prevents switch-ins, and brings the foes down, so they'll be vulnerable to Ground-type moves!
poison or steel types force you to switch out losing all your shell smashes
mewderator, stat changes dont affect power split
but it doesnt have any damaging moves
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Here is yet another Staller Set for Shuckle:
Evs:252 HP 128 Defence 128 SP Defence
Rest-to Recover
Toxic-You know Why
Mud Slap-lower accuracy
Wrap-to cause more after damage

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Double Battle Shuckle :P

Shuckle @ Leftovers

Trait: Contrary
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SDef
Relaxed Nature (+Def, -Spd)

  • Shell Smash
  • Power Swap
  • Gyro Ball
  • Rock Slide/Stone Edge

Contrary works great on this set. Trick Room support is HIGHLY recommended for this set.
Shell Smash raises defenses and lowers Speed, thanks to Contrary.
Power Swap, after 6 Shell Smashes, will give you an insane 2456 Atk stat.
Gyro Ball will have INSANE power with the heightened Attack stat, and lowered Speed.
Rock Slide and Stone Edge are STAB. Rock Slide is for more Accuracy, Stone Edge is for more power.

That's great, only one problem:  Shuckle can NOT learn Power Swap, only Power Trick.  Sorry.
He may have meant Power Split.
Oh whoops, my bad. ^^;
you mean power trick
one problem that i see here, in double battle you wont be able to attack both enemies with gyro ball in the same turn so you are still going to take hits. after all those reversed shell smashes and then the power trick you are going to have just about the worst defence imaginable which, along with shuckles low health, means the enemy you dont KO will just one shot you easily. And in single battles trick room will not last long enough for you to set up shell smash + power trick and still have time to sweep afterwards. Perhaps earthquake instead of gyro ball would make this more effective as you could take out both opponents at the same time. You would need a flying or levitating trick roomer to accompany you though for obvious reasons
Well Power trick only counts the buffs you added to attack stat so it would actually lower your attack stat because of shell smash, not raise it.
do you have a spare shuckle with contrary? my friend code is 5472 7360 4246
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EVs: SDef, Def, HP


Ability:Sturdy (Gluttony and Contrary have no big effect to Shuckle but sturdy might protect him from cases where an OHKO move, like Fissure, lands).

Toxic- The classic staler move

Power split-Increases Schuckle's very small attack.

Rest -Is needed for recovery. Another move that can be added here is Mud-Slap or Double team for dodge but recovery is more important.

Stoe edge/Earthquake/Gyro-ball-In case he needs to fight

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Stall Shuckle

Shuckle # Leftovers
Nature: Calm (^Sp Def -Atk)
Ability: Contrary/Sturdy
~ 252 Def EVs / 252 Sp Def EVs / 6 Sp Atk EVs

  • Toxic

  • Protect

  • Substitute

  • Struggle Bug

This is another staller set for Shucky here (since its's good at it!). You have Toxic there for obvious reasons to have something to stall for, along with Protect to waste more time. Substitute can also provide for extra support along with Protect, so that it is harder to break through Shuckle's massive defense stats (and its also great because Shuckle has low HP). Struggle Bug will provide the extra Sp. Defense support you can get by spam decreasing your opponents Sp Atk until they switch, where you can potentially Toxic them. The Calm nature will help put up the Special Defense side of the wall, and so there you have it!

- 02.14.2012 1:13a (Happy Valentines day! <3)
e. 05.05.2012 4:30a

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Substitute on a shuckle is terrible. One they will hit you first and two you are just sapping more of shuckles limited health.  The only sure fire substitute for shuckle is a passed one.
Um... Poison types and Steel types will slay this moveset.
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Shuckle (F) @ Leftovers
Trait: Sturdy
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SDef
Calm Nature (+SDef, -Atk)
- Power Split
- Rollout
- Rest
- Defense Curl

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Double Battle:

Shuckle @ Leftovers
Trait: Sturdy
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SDef
Relaxed Nature (+Def-Spd)

  • Power Swap
  • Protect
  • Rock Slide
  • Gyro Ball

Right, first move you use Power Swap and as your sure to move last you still have your defences and bulk. Next use protect while your other Pokemon uses trick room. Then you just keep using Rock Slide for as long as you can and just sweep from there.

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Sandstall Shuckle

Shuckle @ leftovers/ chesto berry
Trait: Contrary
Evs: 252 hp / 252 spdef / 4 def
Sassy nature
- Toxic
- Rest
- Shell smash
- Knock off

Use this little guy in a sandstorm as special wall.
After 6 shell smashes and in the sand he reaches a special defense of 3354.
Toxic is for stalling and rest for recovery
Knock off for knock down your oppononts items like type resisting berries and life orbs.

You don't need 3354 Sp. Def xD
Shuckle's defending stats are good enough anyway :P
I k :p
But shuckle is part of my stall team so skyhigh defenses are nice:p
*Uses Toxic*
Lol pretty screwed than :p
But have a cleric to take care of that but after that i need to put my shell smashes back on
And prankster sableye to taunt so shuckle cant be toxicated :3
*Sends in Skarmory to taunt Shuckle and/or phaze him out while being immune to toxic* or better yet *Uses Psyshock*
Psyshock aint gonna do much.
sableye takes care of skar
Toxic is worthless as rest would cancel the poison status.  So using toxic on a resting shuckle is wasting a turn.
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Shuckle @ rocky helmet
Role: sand staler
nature: relaxed (+ def - spd)
ability: contrary
evs: 252 def 252 sdef 4 hp
shell smash
power split/rest
gyro ball

okay so here is my sand team staler with sandstorm, the evs, all the shell smashes, and the nature his def is 1,288, sdef is 1,287, atk is 3, satk is 3, and speed is 1. so first you want to use toxic. then you shell smash 6 times if your opponent faints before then or switches out you toxic the new one until all of the the shell smashes are up. you can ether have power split to cripple sweepers and raise gyro ball or rest to heal (I suggest rest). and from there gyro ball with 1 speed.

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[email protected] Berry/Leftovers

EVs:252 HP, 128 Def, 128 Sp.D
Nature: Sassy
-Shell Smash
-Infestation/Sand Storm/Toxic

with all the EVs in HP, Def and Sp.D, you are almost invincible. shell smash boosts defense and S defense with contrary, and substitute for set-up. Rest is for healing and on of the last moves to slowly kill of threats.

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I have a couple sets in mind >:)

Shuckle @Leftovers
Trait: Contrary
Careful Nature
EVs: 252 Hp, 4 Atk , 252 SpD
-Stealth Rock
-Sticky Web
-Knock Off

Just a normal lead Shuckle, doing its job well setting up rocks AND sticky web, poisoning those other leads too. Knock Off is there to get rid of your opponents item, just to mess with them even more, but this next set...

Shuckle @Leftovers
Trait: Contrary
Bold Nature
EVs: 252 Hp, 252 Def, 4 SpA
-Shell Smash

You kind if have to rely on luck for this one. Once you trap your opponent with Infestation(hopefully they are the opposite gender as you), use Attract, then Toxic, then spam Shell Smash to annoy the heck out of your opponent.

Shuckle @Leftovers
Trait: Contrary
Calm Nature
EVs: 252 Hp, 4 Def, 252 SpD
-Gastro Acid
-Shell Smash

Use Shell Smash to boost your defense to insane levels. After that, use Sandstorm to get a SpD boost. Then use Gastro Acid if you really need to, but if you don't, use Bide to stack up large amount of damage, then hit back hard to your opponent


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Gen V

[email protected] Leftovers


Calm Nature(-Att +Sp Defense)

EVS- 252 Defense 252 Sp Defense 4 HP

  • Power Split
  • Withdraw
  • Rest
  • Rollout
Defense Curl instead of  Withdraw cause it will make Rollout more powerful after using Defense Curl
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Gen V

Shuckle (M) @ Leftovers

Trait: Sturdy

EVs: 4 HP / 252 Def / 252 SDef

Impish Nature (+Def, -SAtk)

  • Toxic
  • Sandstorm
  • Power Split
  • Rest
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This may be old, but try-

Power split/Rest- heals & with the defences he has, he won't take in damage too much/power split is a move for those people who enjoy eliminating sweepers & making shuckles more powerful, but not nessicary when using double team
Double team- this makes him almost intangible if used repetedly
Toxic- poisons opponent & takes out alot of hp if not healed or switched out quickly
Rockslide- makes opponent flinch every so often + deals lots of damage & has STAB

Item- preferably either lum/chesto(i think) berry (heals sleep on first rest used) bright powder(lowers accuracy making shuckle even more intangible) leftovers (if you either don't use rest, or just to have a long lasting shuckle)

EVs - 252 in both defences + 4 in hp= long lasting shuckle

Nature- impish

Strategy- use toxic on opponents then double team for about 5 turns, using rest when nessisary. Then when you have used double team as much as you think nessisary, use rockslide once or twice by the time you are done with double teaming, your opponent will almost be KOed

Hope it helps :)

Great job suggesting banned moves and items.
Though pokemaster himself has suggested banned sets before. It's just a moveset, not all of them have to be for competitive battles. Though he should note that then.
That actually wasn't sarcasm XD
That makes things even better then. :)
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I really love shuckle so I keep messing with my blue one & my not so blue one I figured out another good moveset.

Shuckle (M) @ leftovers

Evs- you want hp & both defences good layouts 104 hp/200 def/200sp def or 252 hp/128 def/128 sp def or 4 hp/252 def/252 sp def

nature- impish works best(+def,-sp attack)

Ability- sturdy, in gen V it gets better but is still good to have in gen 3-4

Move set-
- toxic- shuckle isn't shackle without toxic. Anyone who knows a shuckle knows what I mean
- sandstorm/power split- cripples opponents & raises that attack which is about 30 at max on lv 100. Or raises sp defence by a whiling 50% on shuckle especially & causes some damage to enemies :E
- mud slap/double team- typical shuckle moves. I don't care if it is banned, it would be no fun without them, plus I need to teach my friend about shuckles & their awesomeness
- rest- last part in a great shuckle & the best recovery this guy can get move wise

Shuckle is my favourite pokemon!!!! GO SHUCKLE & not gyarados!!!!!

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I have an example:
Trick Room Shuckle @Focus Band

Brave nature

Gyro Ball

Rock Polish

Power Trick

Whatever you want here

This is the best I could come up with. Rock Polish gets you to an even lower speed rate, powers Gyro `
ball to epic power. Sand Tomb is when you have a different idea in Using this. Power Trick is pretty obvious.

the slower u're, the better for Gyro ball; therefore rock polish + Gyro ball is a bad idea..
~Infinity the Nature is Contrary reversing stat changes
Power Trick is terrible, Shuckle becomes trash!
Good lord, you found an old one. I have no recollection of posting this. But hey, remember power trick doesn't affect Sp. Def, so situationally, this could survive.
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Shuckle (M) @ Leftovers/Chesto Berry/ Lum Berry

Staller to Death( i.e. if it can ever die.... :P)

Moveset :

  • Toxic
  • Sand Storm
  • Protect/ Double Team
  • Rest

(More evil laugh)

Shuckle can die very easily. Rock/water attacks just level his small hp.  Even with max defensive investments.  If you use rest without any defensive set up you are just letting them switch kill your little shuckle. even with lum berry you will be resting again. I promise you against a smart opponent you would be rest stuck very fast praying your shuckle makes it. Not to mention with no form of attack you are simply taunt bait giving a next turn switch in coming into an attack.
Poison types?
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Staller Shuckle II

Shuckle # Leftovers
Nature: Calm (^Sp Def -Atk)
Ability: Sturdy
~ 252 HP EVs / 252 Sp Def EVs / 6 Def EVs

  • Toxic

  • Encore / Dig

  • Protect

  • Accupuncture / Withdraw

I am not sure how this set can/will work out, but just a thought I had! Toxic for the stall, and Protect for a free turn of lefties and toxic damage. Encore is there to get your foe stuck on something hopefully making them switch out, or give you free turns to set up with Accupuncture. The point of Accupuncture is to try and get Sp. Defense or Defense boosts so that Shuckle will just be a complete monster in defenses, probably being able to take ANY hit extremely well (if you are lucky enough). (Withdraw is a more reliable option but only raises Defense; your choice!). I've also added Dig as another fairly nice option instead of Encore so that you will be able to get one extra turn of Toxic stall / lefties heal. May or may not work!

Balls - 05.05.2012 4:43a
e. 05.05.2012 2:59p

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I'm only adding an option. Teach him Withdraw instead of Acupressure for more reliable Defense raising. You just end raising your Sp Atk 6 stages or something before touching your Defenses. Again, just an option.
True, and maybe a better option, but Accupuncture also has the chance to raise Sp. Defense too; but I've hardly used that move so I don't know how reliable it is. Withdraw might be a better option, thanks!
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I have an idea, though I can't be sure if it's a good one or not :p
Offensive Shuckle:
Sturdy (may come in handy while using Power Trick)
Relaxed Nature (Least speed for use of Gyro ball, most defense)
Quick Claw (For a lucky priority attack)
-Power Trick
The point of this Shuckle is to completely offset the negative aspects of Power Trick. Using Substitute, Shuckle can create a stand in, that will be just as defensively powerful as the real thing. Next, it can use Power Trick, and make its attack crazy strong. Lastly, it can either attack with Earthquake, which is a powerful, reliable move that also is super effective against two out of three of Shuckle's weaknesses (rock, steel). Or, it can use Gyro Ball, which will do enormous damage thanks to its low speed (and think, it may even go first while using it thanks to quick claw). And the beauty of it, is that it can revert back to defense mode, and either mess with its next opponent's status with Toxic, or heal itself completely with Rest and start the attack all over again. This method could be used against an unsuspecting Steel or Rock type and what your opponent believes will be a routine Shuckle smash, could turn into a massacre. And once those obstacles are gone, Shuckle could even become a sweeper, mopping up the rest of the opponent's team.
That's my understanding anyways, feel free to point out any mistakes/problems.

Sturdy won't work with sub damage
I would baton pass a sub to shuckle instead of having him do it. Drifblim can make a strong healthy sub and baton pass to him with stockpiles and will o wisp support.  Shuckles sub wouldn't be worth much due to his low low low health.
Shuckle can destroy with a good setup
I know Shuckle, and I must say putting Power Trick is a terrible idea, he will become paper, and with a terrible health stat. He will die instantly.