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considering shuckles non existent attack power wont it just almost half the opponents attack and allow him to do more damage by any move (earthquake)? that plus his defenses should make it near impossible to beat.

VERY good!!! Trolling is my middle name and so is Power Split's(on Shuckle.)!

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ok...wow... wat a boo-boo. Sry for that uberjackel97

Ok. Yes, Power Split is a good move for Shuckle because using it on physical pokemon will cripple them like nothing else. Then you can kill them slowly with Sand Tomb and Toxic or send out a teammate who would have been destroyed by the physical opponent.

Again, sry for that.

its cool n thanks i tried it and it completely screwed my friend over when i used it on his ramperdos ;)
lolz i wish i could see his face.
An extra tip for a Power Split Shuckle: Give it a nature that decreases it's attack and increases either defense or Sp. defense, does not matter. That is for extra "screw over" value.
How about having it lower Sp. Attack since Sand Tomb is Physical?
i thought Power Split did only Attack!! oo shizz, im making a Shuckle now. Then do wat The Killer Lucario said, get a nature that lowers Sp Atk.
Well, Power Split raises your Attack a tad bit, I think. I'm not sure.....Well.....I'm not sure what I just did...
well  my shuckle has 50 attack and 74 sp attack so no matter what power split gives it a great boost