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So I got a Phantump off of Wonder Trade. It evolved into Trevanant like normal, but then it learned Horn Leech. When I looked at it in the box, it didn't have Horn Leech though. Is this a glitch?

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At what Level did you receive the Trevanant?

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Hhmm.... Possibly did you not teach it it but only have it decline learning the fairly useful grass type move? If not to my question, I have run into glitches like this quite a few times in gen 3 games and especially in gen 5 games. While I may not know what is causing it I can say It is a glitch. To "cure" this monstrosity you'll have to speak to the move tutor. Someday in the future she will eat your heart scales up. Also don't feel so down. You can trade a Luvdisc for a Steelix at Cyllage City's Pokémon Center!

Its name is Thumper.

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