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What if you wonder traded a Pokemon with your OT and ID.... then got it back?

Would it say "Welcome back, !" Or just the usual "Take good care of !"?


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"It would say welcome back___!"

Your welcome!

Source:Very Weird Experiment and Experience

If you give me a source, I'll give you best answer :) (it'd not that I don't believe you I just want to be sure)
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It would say "Welcome back, !", the reason being is because it does this for regular link trade and even GTS so of course the programming won't be any different. It's programmed to say this whenever you recieve your Pokemon again.

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It's okay, besides I can't provide a source either. I'm just assuming this because of the way Trading is. I'm just certain they wouldn't take the time out to make something this small different from the rest.