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Ok so I got shiny Blazikien Shiny Infernape Shiny monferno and shiny decdioueye but am soo wanting a water starter who’s shiny is it random or can I do something to try for a water starter who’s shiny

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Please help
Ranodm people hack shinies, and wonder trade thm on live trades. You just have to hope you find one gain
You probably have a better chance of finding them if you pay more attention to Twitch and other popular Pokemon websites.
Thanks that’s what i thought but i figured it couldn’t hurt to ve sure
Guess i also should’ve asked if now that sword and shield are out will ultra sun and moon still get im

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You're getting these all at random. This is a Twitch problem, and they're real people, not bots. These people hack them in by the boxfuls and wondertrade them all away.

All you can do is pay attention to when the streamer is doing a giveaway for the respective Pokemon and hope you get lucky enough to connect with one.

I would also be inclined to believe you'd have a harder time finding someone who will be participating in such events in older games.

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