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I know there is like a specific shop, but I don't remember where it is D:

What stones? :P I have no idea what you're talking about.
gdi I suck at this ._.

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If you mean the evolution stones, then go to Lumoise City, there, get a Lumi Cab and find the option Stone Emporium. The thing is, they only sell fire, water and grass stones and the man there sells you a mega stone. If you want (for example) a dusk stone, you can find it with a dowsing machine or at the glittering cave or in super training.

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I heard more stones of various purposes appear in the store after certain requirements are met, but i'm not too sure if it's actually true or just a rumor.
That's what I meant. ._. Enjoy your 30 points.
I thought the Dusk stone was in Terminus cave.
Oh yeah, sorry, it's in Terminus cave! Man, that Zygarde did not want to be caught XD