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When I got to Violet City I decided to train past the city gates so I talked to some people and they kept talking about some "wiggly tree" and I said to myself "It's got to be a Sudowoodo" so I walked up clicked it for a capture attempt but it just wiggled so I tried again and again but zero so I came back after beating Falkner and tried having my Chikorita use Flash but nothing so I tried having Chikorita use Cut after besting Bugsy so I ask how do you uproot it?


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I do play HGSS, but I think this includes crystal:

You need a SqirtBottle - an item a girl in Goldenrod's flower shop gives you.

Once you have it, say yes to " sprinkle water on tree ".

Sudowoodo should appear for battle.
Hope this helps:)

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Can you capture it? I don't think you can but I'm curious if I can.
Yes, you can actually. It is just like battling a wild Pokemon.