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How does hustle affect moves with STAB?

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Is it double damage, because its 50% from both, or is it 225%?
Like, if I had a Durant who used iron head. Would it be a base power of 160, or 180 from the normal 80?

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I think that they are considered separate multipliers that are added in succession; let's say you were using Iron Head with Hustle Durant. I think you get this: 80 Base Power x 1.5 Stab x 1.5 Hustle, so you'd end up with 180. I'm not entirely sure, but I think that is how it works.

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The moves power would be 80 x 1.5(for hustle) x 1.5(for STAB), so the power would be 180. You dont add the power changes. You multiply the changes.

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