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Self explanatory. Which do you find more effective and why?

Actually it's not self explanatory. Are you asking in-game or competitive?
I assumed ingame because competitively they would perform different roles

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wow this may take a while.
They're actually completely different Pokemon, tyrantrum is more offensive and aurorus is more defensive. Unfortunately for Aurorus, rock/ ice is a terrible defensive typing because it gives it a SR weakness, gives it a 4x weakness to fighting, a very common offensive type, and a 4x weakness to steel as well. aurorus has 4 resistances and 6 weaknesses, which is not good for a defensive Pokemon. It would seem to be a specially defensive Pokemon, but is easily forced out by focus blast.
Tyrantrum, while not the best, is much better. it has 5 resistances and 6 weaknesses, not great but better, plus it is offensive so it's not as much of an issue. it's pretty slow, but good attack.

one or the other may be better depending on your team, but overall, I think in-game tyrantrum is better, and maybe better competitively too. both will be lower tiers.

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Yeah sorry for not clarifying, I meant in-game. Thanks for commenting on in-game and competitively though!
In my humble opinion Tyraturum is the superior but that all depends on your play style im more for the offense and doing special attack dmg but i still needed a physical sweeper thats where tyratrum comes in and also i use him to cover for the weakness my others may posses such as lucario begin weak to psychic or flying his crunch(dark) and stone edge work nicely but again it all depends on your play style
Tyrantrum is alot better competitivly, since he can have access to his hidden ability, Rock Head, meaning it can spam Head Smash.
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I chose Aurorus and yeah, Tazzie is correct but Aurorus can learn a move called Freeze-Dry which can be Super Effective against Water types unlike other ice type moves. It can also resist Fire type moves quite well! Since it's ROCK/ICE and the Rock is it's main type. It's ability is Refrigerate- It turns normal types moves into Ice type moves. Aurorus can also learn Thunder and Thunderbolt by TM too!Oh and it learns Freeze-Dry at level 77.

I'm sorry I don't know that much about Tyrantrum :/

But anyway, I hope I helped you!

fire deals normal damage, that means it does not resist that well,since it doesn't resist at all, especialy compered to tyrantrum who is 4x resistant to fire.
and with attack like that, dry freeze isn't the miracle Aurorus needs to be a good pokemon, it just is poorly typed, it's stats are poorly distributed, and it is a poor pokemon : (