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I'm building up teammates for X & Y and I want Aurorus to learn both Hyper Beam and Ice Beam but then I realized his Ability Refrigerate can turn Normal type moves to Ice type moves. so do I still need ice beam for Aurorus?

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With Refrigerate, Hyper Beam is a significantly stronger STAB move than Ice Beam. However, if it doesn't OHKO an opponent's last Pokemon, you'll need to recharge, and Ice Beam can do more damage in two turns than Hyper Beam can in one. If you feel confident that Hyper Beam won't be a problem with recharge, then go with that. If you don't want to worry about Aurorus' frailty and a lower PP count for Hyper Beam, then go with Ice Beam.

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In all generations where Aurorus exists, hyper beam recharges every time it hits and does damage. Only in gen 1 does it not recharge when it knocks out the opponent.
I should've been more clear -- I meant that because most trainers in the game have very few Pokemon, OHKOing one would usually just end the battle and not give recharge turns.