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I made the mistake of not even realizing N was on Victory Road right before the badge check and walked right past him. I have already defeated the Elite Four and he is nowhere to be found. I looked in his castle and I went back to Victory Road and can't find him anywhere. Can I no longer even get it?

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I'm not sure if N will give you Waterfall after this, but the only way to find him is to go to Nimbasa on a Friday, and he will be standing at the Ferris Wheel in the Amusement Park. Ride the Ferris Wheel with him and afterwards, you will be able to battle him once a season at his castle.

As for whether he'll hand you Waterfall or not, I don't know and can't find information on it. Waterfall is not essential to manoeuvring throughout B2W2, so it's possible that you can't get it unless you restart the game.

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