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Need this so I can go back to these areas with my HM Slave, since I don't carry one around.

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Dive is only used to enter the ruins a little East of Undella Town, I believe. The feature is brought back to life, albeit in a relatively bland way.

As for Waterfall, there are a few of them located all throughout the post-Elite Four areas (Eastern Unova). I don't remember the exact locations, but it's a linear path anyway, and are easy to spot. The best you get form the Waterfalls are trainers and a couple items, including a rare candy.

I need exact area, seeing as I already went through Unova, just without a Pokemon with Waterfall or Dive. I'm forgetful, ad I don't want to go around again.
It's the bits just south of Undella, I think.
Also you use Waterfall to access the abundant shrine