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Is it the girl that tells you a story about zoura? (Oh yeah, and is zourak a legendary?) do you need a celebi?

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This is, I think, how to get the Zorua:
I've checked in a lot of places and they all say to do that, so I'm pretty sure that is credible.

Zoroark is NOT a legendary Pokemon because of a few things that set it apart from other legendaries. From what I know, legendaries have at least two defining characteristics that zoroark does not share.

1) Legendaries can't evolve. Zorua evolves into Zoroark.
2) Legendaries either do not breed or do not breed normally. MOST legendaries are in the Undiscovered Egg Group, with the exception of Manaphy. However, Manaphy does not breed normally; you get a Pokemon not part of Manaphy's evolutionary chain when you breed it with a Ditto. Zoroark breeds just like any other non-legendary Pokemon.

I hope this helped. If I'm wrong on anything, please correct me!

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You can only get Zorua if you got the event Celebi. If you didn't get it, then sorry you are out of luck. If you did get it, then the boy next to the girl reading the story will turn into a Zorua.

No, Zoroark is not legendary. Its stats aren't high enough, and it has a pre-evolved form, both of which means it cannot be legendary. It isn't pseudo-legendary either.

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You can get zorua with the Celebi event but that had already passed. You can also get zorua in a trade. Zoroark is not a legendary Pokemon. You can get multiple zoruas/zoroarks by breeding. Zoroark is a rare Pokemon though.

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