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This question considers the breeding of 2 Pokémon: Flabebe and Pumpkaboo. Flabebe has different flower colors, and Pumpkaboo has different sizes. So, what happens during the breeding process? Do they receive a form of one of the parents, or is it random? Also, if they are random, are some forms rarer than others, like the Super Size Pumpkaboo and Orange/White Flower Flabebe, like they are out in the wild? I really want a Super Size Pumpkaboo, so I was just thinking about this. I'm pretty sure this is the first time permanent forms have come up in a Pokémon game besides genders, and those are random. Thanks!



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>All the ones I have ever bred have carried the flower color they have down. I like the blue one so I have been breeding the blue one.

>Form is always determined by the mother. I've hatched around 5 eggs per pumpkaboo form female, and not one has broken this trend.

So both Pokemon get their colour/size from their parent.

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What if you breed Ditto with a male Pumpkaboo/Flabebe? o.o
The offspring will copy the Pumpkaboo/Flabebe. :)