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Now that Bank is updated, what happens when, for example, two Kanto form Rattata are put in the day care in Sun or Moon?


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You must put an everstone on the Pokemon from Kanto. For example if I have a Vulpix and I don't want it to be alolan when I breed it, I must put an everstone on it.

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So that is definitely a thing? hmm, kooky. Thanks. Although this didn't technically answer the question I asked, it does answer the question I was thinking, so BA
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Alolan forms can breed with their normal forms given they are part of the same egg group (which I'm assuming they are because if they weren't that would be weird).

According to this test, all Pokemon with potential to be Alolan form will hatch into their Alolan form in Sun and Moon. Hooray for social conformity.

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I've seen this question, but I was sceptical about any issues that may have come from using a ROM, hacking, or how ever this was achieved. Has any one tried this with a legit game and Pokémon? The reason I ask this is some Kanto form Pokémon are listed on Serebii with minimum levels available while still being native to Alola