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Does anyone know (or can at least guess; I know that no one probabably knows for sure yet) what will happen to the Pokemon that have an alolan form when pokebank updates in January? like, I have a ninetales in Alpha Sapphire with its HA Drought, but will it change to the ice type aloloan form and have Snow Warning as its HA instead? That'd be so cool. ha. ha. sorry ;)

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It won't change into its Alolan form when you trade it over; it'll stay in its regular form. Besides, if it didn't, where would we get regular form Kanto Pokemon? :)

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No, Pokemon will not change to their Alolan Form when transferred to Sun/Moon from previous games.

When you transfer your Hidden Ability Ninetails into Sun or Moon, it will stay a Fire type, and will retain it's ability Drought.

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