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I'm asking because I have an Alolan Meowth on my team, and I'm just making sure...

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For Meowth specifically, the moveset between the Alolan form and normal form are the exact same, except Alolan Meowth learns an additional move (dark pulse at level 55). For Pokemon with drastic type changes, like Alolan Vulpix, the movesets change drastically. So, it honestly depends on the Pokemon in question. For the most part, Alolan forms with the same type as the original tend to keep similar movesets; they only start to change significantly when the Pokemon's type changes.

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Alright thank you. But, do you might know a good moveset for Alola Meowth?
as of now not really, because i still haven't beaten the game, but right now at level 35 mine runs Fake out, swift, power gem, and feint attack with normalium z if that helps at all