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I am totally aware that finding a shiny is probability but I am just wondering. I am searching for a shiny pidove but I am just so impatient. please help!

I wouldn't have a clue, I haven't even seen a shiny let alone caught one in my game yet.. Good luck :)

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I assume you're playing Gen V since you're trying to find a Shiny Pidove.

The probability of finding a shiny is 1 in 8,192.
In Maths, it really just means that in every eight thousand Pokemon you find there will be at least one shiny.

Just keep trying, I guess is the only advice I could give.
If you want a Shiny Pidove you could try using the Masuda Method, where you can breed two Pokemon as usual (like, both male and female, same egg group, etc.) but the two Pokemon are from different countries.

E.g., you can breed a Japanese Male Hoothoot and an English Female Pidove, and the egg has six times the chance of being shiny. (6 in 8,192! or about 1 in 1,365)

So you can always try continuously breeding if you want to increase the chances.

Hope I helped. :)

So if I get a japanense pokemon black or white, i can use that to trade with my english version, there for using the mesuda method? or does the ds have to be in japan for the pokemon to be considered from a different country?
As long as the Pokemon is from a Japanese cartridge, it's fine. You don't have to go to Japan, don't worry. xD
I once caught a shiny Regirock in a random encounter. It was great :3