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The methods that I know of, Poke Radar, Masuda Method, and Chain Fishing, all do not work on legendaries. How do people find shiny legendaries? Do they just spam soft-reset for days until it becomes shiny?


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You are correct. Soft reset until it's shiny. I've done it and sometimes you're lucky and can get your target in a short time (I got a shiny Ho-Oh after only 47 soft resets on HeartGold), but other times it can take forever (27k+ for a shiny Virizion).

But be aware that a few legends are shiny locked,such as Reshiram and Zekrom in gen 5, and all legendaries in X and Y. Most of them aren't locked in ORAS (only The weather trio and Deoxys), so you can have a pretty easy time getting a lot of shiny Legendaries with the lowered odds.

Hope I helped!

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But why don't you just do something else? There's really no point in soft resetting 27000 times for a Pokemon that isn't actually better than it would have been.
Some people like shinies, and want to get one themselves
Not everyone has "something else" to do. And I really wanted a shiny Virizion.
If you feel depressed or lazy, take a nap.
What does this have to do with shiny hunting?