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I couldn't find a reliable source for white 2. I'm considering hunting for 2 hours a day and knowing the rate of Pokemon / Per hour x 2 x Times {days hunted} I can almost calculate the 1/1892 odds of finding a shiny and possibly dividing by 2 for double encounters. Thank you so much!

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It depends a lot on where you're trying to shiny hunt. Why don't you get a timer and test it yourself?
Set a tier for an hour, and keep running around
it's tough to answer that as it depends based on area and just how lucky you are though I would say two hours a day is enough to get a good amount of encounters.

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Excluding the luckiest and unluckiest chance, the 0PpH (Pokemon per Hour). If text is on fast with no battle animation, the text takes at most a second, you mash a button, and if the battle is a constant OHKO, then the battle should take around 9-10 seconds. According to the account user RedtheLEGEND, the likelihood of a Pokemon being encountered is 1 in (187.5 / ( x )) per step, "X" being the rarity of the Pokemon. So say you are going after a very common Pokemon (such as Lillipup), the chance of encountering on is 1 out of 18.75, or 5.333333%. If you have the ability Illuminate or Arena trap, it increase the chance by 200%. This makes it 16 percent or 1 out of 9.25. Finally, when running your chance of encounter is multiplied by two. So if you follow everything listed, its a 32% chance of encountering a Pokemon. As for time though, since running is a 4 grass a second, to get all 32 encounters and 68 non, it's 592 seconds, or 9.866666 minutes. This means you encounter around 213 Pokemon in a single hour. Granted the you could get less or more, but the average would be 213.