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I looked on its pokedex entry in-game and it said Route 6. But the symbol for what method to find one (grass, fishing, etc.) was one I haven't seen before. So how can you get one?


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You have to wait for the bushes to move, when you pass by them, a figure will attack your character and then it will reveal the Pokemon, I encountered a Venipede like that in route 6 just like you said! So just wait till' a bush moves and then pass by it and you might encounter a Venipede!

Sometimes it's an Audino and sometimes it's a Venipede.

Hope that helped!

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thanks. Do you know if there are way to encourage this to happen, or do I just have to walk through a lot of grass?
No no, just go through the non tall grass way and just walk through until a bush moves! The way that leads STRAIGHT to Parfum Palace!  If you hear a rustling sound or you see a bush move just walk in front! There is no way to encourage this.
oh that explains what I've been doing wrong. Thanks.
You're welcome! Did you catch your Venipede?
yes thanks
Lol, I was looking for venipede in the wrong place for a while to the point where I found a shiny. -_- Wish I had checked here.