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There are certain conditions to the Pokeball that will be passed down:
-->if the mother Pokemon was caught in a Safari Ball, then your egg will also be in a Safari Ball.
-->if the mother Pokemon is Ditto, the ball will be a Pokeball by default.

PS - In the Friend Safari, you cannot catch Pokemon in Safari Balls, as these balls are not even present in-game until a transfer from the older generations of the game.

Source: Experience (I breeded a female Diglett in a level ball with a some other Pokemon, and my resulting Diglett was also in a Level Ball)

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Yes, it is possible - the only PokeBalls that can't be inherited by offspring are Cherish Balls and Master Balls.

However, assuming it's the mother in the Safari Ball, the Pokemon will pass down the Safari Ball. It will only be considered legal if the Pokemon is found in any of the Safaris throughout Gen 3 and Gen 5, and that the mother transferred to Gen 6. For example, a Safari Ball Phione is not legal.

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