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The only thing Aegislash could fear is fire blast in the sun, isnt it?(Here I mean the offensive mewtwo).Other than the mentioned fire blast, it can take just about anything from mewtwo, and can revert to it's blade form to KO mewtwo with shadow sneak or even stall it with it's (extremely)bulky shield form.

Aegislash might even be stronger than the lv100 Magikarp!
Mewtwo usually carries Fire Blast/ Flamethrower, so you'd need some strategy/ prediction.
can anyone check if 2 unboosted shadow sneak on a positive nature aeigislash KO's?
I don't think there's a damage calculator out for Gen VI yet.

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I'd say that Aegislash is a reliable counter against mewtwo with correct prediction. With kings shield, he could block an attack, and if he can set up a swords dance/ use a choice band he can probably KO.( I can't download a dmg calculator can someone check that?).

Additionally, it's not that probable that that king's shield is used twice in a row because of the need of switching into shield form after attacking.

If you're truly desperate for a full counter, you could always use a focus sash to score 2 shadow sneaks on mewtwo.

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Shadow Sneak will probably OHKO.