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I've noticed that Aegislash is all over the place. Which means that someone's going to find a counter pretty soon. Still wanting to use the lineage I looked to Doublade.
After I factored in an Eviolite his defense was brought to 225 and the special defense was brought up to 74 (still abysmal).
I think it might be able to pull into competitive better than Aegislash as a physical tank since everyone seems to have an Aegislash.
You people are the experts though and I'm just the guy who's never actually done competitive and hasn't factored in move pool yet.
So could Doublade replace Aegislash?


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Even though it has higher defense that Aegislash, Doublade shouldn't be used when you have access to Aegi. Aegi has a few very crucial things that keep it better than Eviolite Doublade. First of all it has King's Shield, which can force many switches on physical attackers when their attack has been dropped and lets you play mind games with your opponent. >:D It also has better offenses in Blade Form and better special defense in its Shield form, which make a big difference.

tl;dr: Don't use Doublade when you have access to Aegi.

Also the fact that Doublade has nothing to abuse No Guard with, except Rock Slide.