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Doublade could be physical tank and a wall with the eviolite or plain old sweeping Aegislash?
Team is:

Which one?

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it depends on the team youre building, both really good pokemon

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For Defensive purposes, Doublade beats Aegislash. The Maximum Defense stat for Doublade with Eviolite is 657, whereas the Maximum Defense stat for Aegislash is 438.

However, physical Aegislash is better overall for your team due to King's Shield and the ability to basically switch its stats to either attack or defend, where as Doublade is stuck to tank. You already have a cleric and a wall in Florges, so Aegislash would suit you more.

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K thanks, on my real team, I had aegislash, but I asked this question to know if I will switch or not. Thanks!
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I would use Doublade, you already have 3 Sp. attackers

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