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I want to use an eviolite-bearer steel type Pokemon for bulky play, but i'm duvidous between the only 2 which are any useful

Doublade or Magneton

Doublade has more physical defense and way better movepool, being able to use sacred sword, STAB priority, make use of his low speed due to gyro ball, etc. but!

Magneton has higher special attack and can make more use of only 4 moves than doublade, which will have to choose between priority or secure damage. magneton has worse defensive typing but it's better offensive, and it has thunderbolt for damaging. not to mention that special attackers doesn't fear burning, and mostly do not makes contact with other Pokemon, which does not have any positive points without tough claws. Furthermore, it also has WAY better special defense and much higher speed

Any of those Pokemon will be helpful

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This is for competitive, right? What format?

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I would honestly go with Doublade. Now I suck at competitive, but hear me out. You can turn Doublade into a tank or staller. People usually do this with Aegislash, but why not with Doublade? Instead of King shield, Use Protect, or maybe a different status move. A STAB move (Iron head is the only one I could find) and something like Rest or Iron Defense could work. Then again, I'm really bad at the competitive scene, so don't take my word for it. I'm just suggesting it.

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thank you, but i already have a moveset. using swords dance, shadow sneak, sacred sword, and gyro ball. it's an totally unresisted set which hits really hard and even has STAB priority.
They said Protect instead of King's Shield...

Lack of recovery, as well as abysmal Special Defense, however, is a big problem for a staller. :P
Like I said, I do suck at competitive.