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I thinking about choice spec glaceon, or choice band gallade but not working.

He its using barrier and calm mind. I tried sucker punch once. he used barrier 2 barriers 2 calm minds. Well he sweeped me. The new mega is heed to get use to.

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The best way to counter Mega Mewtwo Y is to use Sucker Punch which will likely KO it due to its bad Defence. Since Sucker Punch will have +2 priority when Mewtwo attacks, it is basically defenceless.

Good Sucker Punch users that can defeat Mewtwo include Bisharp, Yveltal, Absol, etc. Mega Mawile is also a good counter as it learns Sucker Punch and does not take super effective damage from any of Mewtwo's common attacks. Assuming this is competitive, Yveltal is easily the best way to beat Mewtwo.

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I'll put a few checks/counters.

  • Any Sucker Punch user. Mega Absol, Mega Mawile, Yveltal, ect. OHKOs with Sucker Punch.
  • Chansey. Psystrike is a 3HKO without Stealth Rock up, so Chansey can stall it out with Wish. But with Stealth Rock, it is 2HKOed on the switch, making it somewhat unreliable.

Bah. That's all I can think of right now. I'll add more later.

Chansey will help achully my friends mewtwo and teem has never used stealth rock. Where can I get one?
Friend Safari exclusive. But I'm sure that you can find a Friend Safari with Chansey if you check out the Meta thread.