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I only asking this Because I seem to have a little bit of a Problem about my "Female MEGANIUM" and my "Male SEPTILE" breed a CHIKORITA.
But more to the point the only kind of CHIKORITA that I am looking for is a Female(I was Sucessful to get 1 Shiny female and that was it, but it is not actually my target) but I Wonder, why am I getting nothing but a Male type.
Don't say just keep tryin' because I have all Ready done that for up to 1 Whole Box + 5 so in other words it was all ready done.


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Well mainly the reason is a Chikorita has a 25% of being a female while it is a 75% to be a male and just to tell you, you could release all your Chikoritas to make enough room.Also no there isn't a secret to genders when breeding.

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Just to tell the Truth I have almost done this for up to a 100 and still nothing.
Actually it's even less chance: 87.5% male, 12.5% female. I had the same problem with an Eevee, it took aaages to get a female one. It's pretty weird it's taking so long for you, though!
It is a little Crazy isn't it.