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I've been chaining on Route 16 for a Shiny Phantump for awhile now. But, randomly, whenever I get like 20-25 in, when I press Y to activate the Poke Radar it'll make the sound but nothing will happen - it doesn't say "Your battery is at 45, please walk around some more to use the Poke Radar" or whatever, there's just no dialogue box at all . Then I press it again, it says my battery is at 0 and my chain is broken. This has happened like 5 times and it's really pissing me off. I'm not heading into any bushes, using the rollerskates, going into my bag, walking outside the field or anything. I'm just walking around in the flower, recharging my Radar and it just breaks itself. Is this a bug or something?

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"in the flower"
Are you walking around in a field of flowers, or just one flower? I assume that was just a typo, but every word counts. x)
I meant field of flowers. I solved that issue though, I was using the Poke Radar in edges so I wasn't getting any shaking grass at all. I don't do that anymore and it's gotten better.

I do have a new problem though. I've been chaining for like 12 hours straight, so I know some rapid shaking grass when see it and Skorupi's from rapid shaking grass keep breaking my Phantump chains, even though the Phantumps should be the only Pokes in that kind of grass after the chain is established. It's happened over a dozen times and I check really carefully and they're definitely coming out of the fast shaking grass even though they shouldn't be able to do that. Did they change chaining this gen so multiple types of pokemon can come out of the rapid shaping grass to make it harder? I don't see how chaining is possible anymore if they did.
What makes you believe Skorupi should not appear, exactly? Do you have a source, or is it just Skorupi is just a normal Pokemon that appears in the area? (I'm not up to that part yet. xD)
You may be doing something wrong when you are chaining. Try checking seribetii

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This may not be the answer you're looking for. But the question is "Is this a glitches?"
A simple Yes or No answer.

Yes it's a glitch, and no, there is no way to avoid the glitch untill Gamefreak releases the patch we need to download

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