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I changed the clock on my 3DS for the real life hour change thing. The next time I played, I've apparently drawn the lotto card for today. I thought 'ok' and forget about it. I played again a few days later, and it happened again. I time travelled to see if it would fix it, but it didn't. What is going on?

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I did hear from someone who I cannot remember the name of that when the 3ds and therefor game recognizes a change of time it will disable all in game time based events such as the lottery. So here's the solution to your problem:

Do not change your time in a 28 hour period, after this time has been reached in game time based events will work once again.

If this does not work, wait 48 hours instead and then it definitely should work. If not it's just a glitch and you will no longer have access to time based events.
And as a last resort you could try changing your time to the time you had before, or a random time and repeat the above steps.

Strangely, I was able to access the other time based events, such as the rival battle, but not this one.
Umm ok well then I guess it's a glitch or a sort of ''punishment'' put in by gamefreak for changing the time.