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There is a lot of conflicting info about perfect IV of wild Pokemon during chaining, with some claiming guaranteed 2 IV after 40 chain, 3 IV after 60 chain and 4 IV after 80 chain. Is there a good source to confirm/deny this

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I believe this is a good Source. Tell me if it isn't satisfactory and I will hide it. This is a chain to IV correlation chart.
1-20 Chain has 0 guaranteed IVs.
21-40 has 1 Guaranteed IV.
41-60 has 2 guaranteed IVs.
61+ has 3 guaranteed IVs.
Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/1shpw4/guide_how_to_reliably_catch_3iv_dittos_in_gen_vi/
Hope this helps!

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I have tested it and found to be true, I found 2 gengar at 60 + chains and one had 3 perfect IV and the other had 5 perfect IV and the 6th at 30