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Two questions:

  1. How does the game recalculate odds for new PokeRadar exclusive Pokemon? For example, on Route 224, using the PokeRadar there is a 10% chance to find Dusclops and 2% chance to find Duskull. Where in the original encounter table does that 12% come out of? Does it make all other Pokemon have an equal chance of spawning?

  2. Is it harder to continue a chain of a Pokemon that is rare on a route, (keeping Route 224 again as a base, Shellos with a 1% spawn rate?) If you were able to encounter Shellos on your first PokeRadar attempt, would it be more difficult, odds wise, to continue the chain, then, if you were chaining Roselia? (20% spawn rate)

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once ive had a chain, ive never not had it broken by a random pokemon. never, in bdsp. even with 1% encounters

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