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What are good tips on keeping a chain going using the Poke Radar? Does it depend on how the grass shakes? Does it depend on which patch of shaking grass you walk into? Please help!

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Some good tips I know of from experience.
1. Carry plenty of Repels. This will keep wild Pokémon from spawning while you are walking and breaking the chain.
2. Choose an area with a large grass area.
3. Watch the shaking that the grass does. Different Pokémon cause the grass to shake in different ways. If you do this, the Pokémon has a higher chance to appear. (I didn't know this. Interesting).
4. Never, ever, go into a patch of grass that barely moves. THese never have any Pokémon.
5. Remember, if no patches of grass shake the same way, you can use the Pokéreadar again and not break the chain.
6. Not a tip, but carry Repeat Balls. These give a higher chance for when the shiny appears to catch it.
More advice here: https://www.thonky.com/pokemon-x-y/poke-radar-chaining#:~:text=Poké Radar Chaining Guide The Poké Radar helps,page is about chaining with the Poké Radar.
Hope I helped!
Edit: Just saw the other questions you had. I explained the first question in 3. As for the second question, it really doesn't matter, as long as the grass isn't shaking slowly because these will have no Pokémon in them and break the chain. THEn, just try to go to the same type of shaking grass as the first time you saw that Pokemon for a higher chance of encountering them.

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Things that break a chain (avoid these):

  • Using your rollerskates or bicycle
  • Encountering a different type of pokémon from the one that you started the chain with
  • Encountering a wild pokémon that was not in a shaking patch of grass
  • Leaving the area
  • Saving and restarting from where you left off

Try using Repels to ward off any non-Radar Pokemon. Slow-shaking grass contain no Pokemon. The same type of shaking will increase your chances.

For more information, look at my source.

Hope I helped!