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Also does it help finding shiny Pokemon in x or y?

Is the poke radar similar to the one in Heartgold soulsilver?

are there any special Pokemon you can only see with the poke radar in x& y

It does help get shinies if you get a chain with it and not sure about what different Pokemon you can get
you have to answer the question in full not just part of it

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Firstly, the chaining method is still present in X and Y.

Secondly, it's mostly the same: there are some patches that will wiggle their grassy grassiness - the more they wiggle, the rarer the Pokemon will be in that patch of grass. The most major change is the term 'decoy patches' - something to make chaining a lot harder. Sometimes, when a grass patch wiggles, you can go to it, but sometimes a Pokemon won't appear, which will abruptly break the chain. :(

Your term of 'special Pokemon' is awfully ambiguous. If you mean legendary Pokemon, no, they cannot be found. If you mean Pokemon that can only be found with the Poke Radar, this isn't really confirmed yet, however there probably is, somewhere... xD

Hope I helped. :)

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I Meant special as in only pokemon you can see with PokeRadar! The Ambiguous term being not directed towards legendaries. lol
Well, as said, yes. There probably is Pokemon that are unobtainable without the Poke Radar. Happy? ;P