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1) I looked on Serebii and it says that Smeargle is 'rare' on Route 7.
Could anyone tell me the exact rarity of it ? (In %)

2) When using the Poke Radar, is there a higher chance of catching rare Pokemon in the more violently shaking grass than the less violently shaking grass?
For example- Would a violently shaking grass more lightly to give me a Smeargle than a less violently shaking grass?

Include Source(s) please! :)


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Since X & Y were just released a little under 2 months ago, it is hard to find the percents of wild Pokemon appearing. Most sites use the indicators "Common", "Uncommon", "Rare" and "Very Rare".

The PokéRadar works largely the same as before. When you activate it, several areas of grass will shake. When you go to them, a Pokémon will appear. Defeat it and it will commence and continue a chain and more areas will shake. The more a patch of grass shakes, the rarer the Pokémon.

So yes, the more violently the grass shakes, the rarer the Pokemon.


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